2 factors overlooked when selling online

If you have a product to sell, the internet is a great platform, opening you up to potential customers all over the world. However, you have to use it correctly. Unfortunately, electronic commerce is seldom straightforward; There are many ingredients that need to come together if you want to strengthen your online presence and increase your sales levels.

Select a hosting service for your online store

Anyone who has ever established an online presence knows one thing: there are endless options when it comes to web hosting. It’s tempting to take advantage of the industry’s competitiveness and go for the cheapest service available. Never do this for an ecommerce site.

Most of the cheaper alternatives don’t put much emphasis on safety. While this might be fine for a personal blog, the stakes are too high for an ecommerce website. Shop around to find hosting services dedicated to the needs of an e-commerce site.

Try to avoid shared hosting as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It offers much better security and increased bandwidth for your customers. A managed cloud hosting service is also better suited for e-commerce providers because it has its own dedicated team of security experts working around the clock.

Check out hosting reviews to find the best option for your online store! You can find Cheap VPS which comes with everything you need.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are an essential ingredient. Potential customers are more likely to trust your business and believe in your product if they see rave reviews left by others.

Make sure there is a section on your website that features customer reviews and also makes it easy for people to leave their reviews.

Widgets from independent review platforms are recommended because their authenticity is never questioned. If you enter comments on your website yourself, people might wonder if the comments are genuine or if you just made them up.

When looking for the perfect review plugin, here’s a checklist to use:

  • The ability to embed reviews on your site and provide customers with a form to write their reviews
  • A scoring system such as high / low shots or stars
  • Customization settings for fields in reviews, for example, you can add a “customer support” area or a “pros and cons” section
  • Different options to display reviews on your website
  • Online review aggregation options from places like Yelp and Google
  • A clean dashboard to display incoming comments and moderate them
  • A search bar for consumers to find reviews containing certain keywords
  • A sorting function so you can see good or bad reviews first
  • The ability to download visual content, such as videos and images

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