Businesses Score Big Points with Customers During Football Season

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Football is back! Who are you rooted for? Well, some local businesses are scoring big points with additional customers during the football season.

Harknocks on Corpus Christi Island said they are seeing more customers on Sundays, as well as Thursdays and Mondays, as many people come to their businesses to watch football. This means additional sales of food and alcohol for the sports bar.

“Especially here on the island, people come here and travel and they try our new things. You meet a lot of people, ”said Kayla Bayder, a server at Hardknocks.

The other Hardknocks location was forced to tour only during the pandemic shutdown, but now they’re back to business in person. They opened their new location on the island in January and are still hiring new servers.

“Everyone here is a team. He is not a man for himself. We are all a team, we all work together, we help each other, whatever we need, we are all each other, ”said Sarah Boatman, a new waitress who was just hired last week .

She said she plays fantasy football and it helps her connect with customers.

Tim and Ruth Ingle have been going to Hardknocks since they recently moved to the island and said it was a much nicer experience than staying home and watching football during the pandemic shutdown.

“During the pandemic you had to watch the house on your own and so you get a hit and you’re like whoooo, and you don’t have anyone to type five times,” said Ruth Ingle.

Alex White is another new server and said she only worked shifts when there was a football game going on – and it can get busy.

“I think busy days are much better because I can step in and help others. I’m learning more about the food and I’m learning more about the bar as well, ”White said.

White also works at All Star, another sports bar in Corpus Christi, and said they get more crowds on Sundays as well.

Jennifer Cintron is one of All Star’s bartenders and said she has enjoyed the return of in-season football games.

“Especially when it’s the Texans, Astros and Cowboys it’s a packed house, a full bar, and that definitely increases sales and drinks,” Cintron said.

She said the other popular days for patrons to come to All Star to watch football are Mondays and Thursdays.

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