CoD Mobile player risks losing $ 6,000 account with bizarre 10-year ban

CoD Mobile gamers are experienced when it comes to strange circumstances, but this bizarre situation is new to add to the list.

Call of Duty has released wave after wave of cosmetics, rewards, and challenges across its various titles. From the ’80s Action Hero Operator Packs in Warzone to the Dark Aether Corrupted Weaver Pack, these tempting packs can get pretty expensive.

Even with enough CoD points in the bank, these aesthetic packs can make even the richest CoD players sweat. If something happened to them, what would you do?

Sadly, an unhappy CoD Mobile player found himself in a strange situation.


CoD Mobile has amassed a huge library of operators.

10-year ban on cards

Reddit user Bronac1234 begs developers to CoD Mobile for help. Laying down his cards, the disgruntled player explained his rather odd scenario.

Moving across the world, from Pakistan to Australia, Bronac’s preferred region to play has naturally changed to suit the demands of the server. Despite creating a new account for their new home, their original account is in dire straits.

What’s even more distressing is the fact that over $ 6,000 has been spent in the game. Most likely spent to replenish CoD points for many DLC packs, we can only imagine what extravagant goodies are locked away. .

Please vote to help me 🙁 my account is now banned for 10 years. of MobileHouse Call

Joining the fight to restore order, the other players resorted to constantly tagging the official developer moderator page for clarification. Although no response has yet been gathered, the struggle for balance rages on.

Since this frustrated gamer was originally playing in Pakistan, CoD Mobile’s servers are believed to still believe he is in his home country. For some reason the game will not be able to switch to the correct region.

“Hope you get your account back, maybe try using a VPN linked to Pakistan to make them think you’re still in Pakistan,” user UnlightablePlay suggested. Other respondents to the situation were not so favorable. “First mistake. You spent over 6,000 on a mobile game, ”commented astrostarkiller.

With so much money at stake, we can only hope that Bronac’s account will be restored soon.

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