Dedicated hosting vs VPS hosting: choose the best for blogging

Hello bloggers, today I am going to tell you which web hosting is the best for blogging. So, read on and don’t forget to share your views in the comments box.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is such hosting where you get a full server! Which means that this server will only host your website! There will be no other user on this server than you, thanks to which you get a lot of dedicated resources and at the same time you get the best privacy!

In dedicated hosting, in a way, you are the owner of the server and you can configure the server according to your own! In dedicated hosting, you get full control over the server!

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of web hosting. This type of web hosting is generally good for high traffic websites.
The dedicated server is like a luxurious house where you have the right and where all kinds of facilities are available.

You only have to bear the cost for it, to use different facilities! The server used in Dedicated is very fast and works very fast!
It’s for a single website, that’s why it’s named Dedicated! Dedicated’s server only stores all content from one website, like photos, videos, documents.

There is no sharing in there, there is no content from any other website!

This is why its speed is also fast. There is no other website to share this which is why it is a bit expensive and only one person has to bear all the expense.

The website which has a lot of traffic and many visitors come to the website, then this is very beneficial for them!

Most e-commerce sites use this type of service.

Benefits of dedicated hosting

• This gives the customer more control and flexibility over the server.
• It has the highest security compared to any accommodation!
• It is the most stable!
• In this case full root / administrative access is provided to the customer!

Disadvantages of dedicated hosting
• It is more expensive than all the accommodation!
• You must have technical knowledge to control it!
• Here you cannot solve your problems yourself, so you have to hire technicians!

VPS hosting

Friends, vps hosting is such hosting in which a physical server is divided into several parts using virtualization technology, after which all these parts start to function as different servers!

This way we get many servers from the same server. While in reality we only have one server! But different resources are used for each virtual server. Thanks to this, your website can use as many resources as it needs. Here you don’t have to share with another website and your website has the best security and performance!

Virtual Private Savers are like apartments in a large building where only one person owns an apartment and pays the rent on their own!
No one shares the money with him and no other owner can come and live there. In this the building is the same but in the form of apartments it is divided into several parts which have different owners.

Likewise, virtualization technology is used in VPS, where the physical computer system is just a server but is virtually divided into several parts.

Since all of the websites in this one reside on the same physical server. But are actually stored in different divided spaces. And cannot use the space of other websites!

This is the reason why even if there is more traffic in this type of web hosting, the speed of the website will be maintained and not be slow. And there will be no more problems!

If you want features like a dedicated server for your website performance at low cost, then VPS server is the best!

Benefits of VPS hosting

• The best performance is provided in this accommodation!
• In this you get full control like a dedicated hosting!
• You get more flexibility as you can customize it your way and change like memory upgrades, bandwidth!
• It is not more expensive than dedicated hosting, thanks to which it can be purchased by anyone with more traffic!
• Its confidentiality and security are very good!
• Apart from that, good support is provided to you!
Cons of VPS hosting
• In this, you have fewer resources than dedicated hosting!
• You must have technical knowledge to use it!

Final words

What to take in dedicated hosting and vps hosting?
Dedicated hosting is only suitable for those whose website gets more visitors every month and also for those who want to make more money with their website. Many e-commerce sites only use dedicated hosting. On the other hand, if you want dedicated server type capacity for your website performance at low cost, VPS server is the best. The cost of dedicated hosting is very high, while VPS costs a lot less than that!

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