How to install BepInEx Valheim and modify your game server

Survival game Valheim just released its first major update, the Hearth & Home patch, and you might be wondering how to change your game server in an easy and risk-free way, here’s how to install BepInEX.

The team behind Valheim, originally comprised of five people, rose to gold as the game has now sold over 7 million copies in August 2021, and the game has been incredibly popular around the world. I saw French and Japanese friends playing and streaming Valheim for hours, and BepInEx is definitely a great way to improve your experience with mods.

  • FOLLOWING – Patch Notes and everything you need to know about Hearth & Home

Death Loop | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Story Trailer



Death Loop | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Story Trailer





What is BepInEx and how to install and use it with Valheim

BepInEx allows you to add or remove mods without having to close Valheim, simply by dragging and dropping them into a folder. To use it, you must have already launched Valheim at least once, so make sure you do this first if you just bought the survival game on Steam.

Here are the steps to install BepInEx now. First of all, you need to actually download BepInEx on its Official page via manual download. After that, open your Valheim installation folder. If you don’t know where it is you can open Steam, go to your library, right click Valheim, go to properties, click local files, then browse.

Then open the BepInEx file you just downloaded, open its BepInEx_Valeim folder and copy everything in it to yours Valheim game folder. Make sure to select “overwrite files in destination” to overwrite the original files. Now if you run Valheim again, you should see the BepInEx indicator at the top left of the screen.

Now to use mods with BepInEx. Open your Valheim installation folder, then open the BepInEx folder, and finally the plugins folder. Now download the mod you want and copy its .dll files to the plugins folder. Finally, you can go back to your Valheim installation folder and go to the config folder to configure the mod. And you are done.

Valheim is still in development and available on Windows PCs and Linux through Steam. A Mac version is under study, but for now, finishing the PC version is a priority. The developers haven’t considered console versions yet, but they might think about it in the future.

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