Local car dealership, car website with tips on how to find a vehicle

FARGO – Supply chain shortages have made it more difficult to purchase new products and Used vehicles. So what should those looking for a new vehicle do to have the best chance of finding what they are looking for?

While the supply of new and used vehicles is declining, so is the demand for it.

“Sometimes the price is maybe 2% or 3% higher than the sticker price, in some extreme cases it can be 12 or 13% higher than the sticker price,” said Brian Moody, editor. head of Autotrader, one of the greatest cars online. markets.

Moody said that even though the supply of new cars is low and the value of used cars is extremely high, customers should still be able to find one until they are picky.

“If you’re flexible about getting common colors black, white, or silver, right? You’re probably going to get it sooner,” Moody said. “If you absolutely have to have (a certain) color, that’s low volume. You’re going to wait … you have to decide. Is it worth the wait? Or do I need a car? right now ?”

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A local dealership, Corwin Toyota, wants their customers to take an even safer approach when buying a new vehicle.

New Car Manager Justin Marlow said if a person is in the market for a new car, they should contact dealerships immediately, as vehicles leave lots as quickly as they come in.

“If you just sit back and wait, you won’t be able to profit from a trade high in the market that you have in your possession,” said Marlow. “You’re going to miss out on the car you want, and now you can even exceed your lease, if you don’t try to work with that car deal.”

Both agree that those who want to get into a new car won’t get a better trade-in value than they are right now.

While Moody added that those looking for a used car that won’t break the bank, a buyer’s best bet would be to go back six or seven model years to find one.

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