Minecraft Home Building Guide – 5 Tips To Make Your Home A Home

Minecraft can be a bit intimidating – an endless, procedurally generated world where creepers wait around every corner, and it’s easy to get lost because you can’t remember if the taiga biome you are in. are lost is the same as you had been. lost before. Part of the fun of Minecraft, however, is turning that cold, empty space into your place – somewhere memorable and warm. Below, we break down five essential tips to help you build a house in Minecraft.

Take your time to find a permanent place

There are dozens of biomes in Minecraft, and each has its own appeal and rarity. The opening up of deserts and plains is counterbalanced by the relative scarcity of building materials; the lush density of a dark jungle or oak forest makes it easy to get lost, but you will have enough wood at your disposal to build a city.

At the same time, if you wait until you find something like the very rare Eroded Badlands biome, you might hold your breath for a long time.

Build tall and wide

Unlike real life, there are no property taxes or mortgages in Minecraft, unless you are playing a role on a really weird server. You can build anywhere you want, and the only limit to the space you occupy is you.

Keep your bearings when building high. Go above the tree line, higher than the nearest mountains. The last thing you want to say to yourself after spending hours building a place is, “I thought my house was here …”. Building tall structures will make it much easier for you to find your place once you are out exploring.

Likewise, don’t hesitate to build wide. It’s easy to want to put everything in one room so that everything is close together and easy to access, but like in real life, having dedicated spaces for different things can give them meaning and ensure that you aren’t looking at the same thing. places all the time. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s no different here. There’s no reason you couldn’t have a chest warehouse separate from your workshop filled with various crafting tables.

Light up the square

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While update 1.18 promises to overhaul the lighting in Minecraft in quite a significant way, at the moment there isn’t too much light. At first you’ll want to use torches, but as you dig, the lanterns will help make your house look less like a makeshift shelter and more like a place you want to stay.

With the current version of Minecraft, you really can’t overdo it with the lighting. Make sure you light up every nook and cranny. This is crucial to prevent the appearance of monsters in large places.

Aesthetics matter! Don’t build a cube!

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This tip harkens back to the idea that you will be using this place for a long time. Don’t just make it fairly functional; put in the work of making it awesome.

However, not everyone has an architect’s vision. If your first instinct is to make a cube out of cobblestones, it’s time to launch Google, Pinterest (yes, I know) and YouTube.

Start from a theme: epic treehouse, mountain castle, desert castle, steam wave mansion. Look for concrete examples that you can learn from and try to bring them to life. If you want a little more advice, start looking for tutorials on YouTube. All you have to do is type in the “cool Minecraft house” and start scrolling through unlimited videos, whether it’s making an aesthetic path or creating a roof that does more than repel the crowds. .

The more you build, the more you will learn and the more personal ideas you will have. At the same time, don’t feel indebted to a certain theme. And never stop experimenting.

Choose the right materials

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That said, there is more to consider than aesthetics! Choosing the right materials will help you build a stronger home. For example, dirt is a great starting material because it is plentiful and easy to collect, but it is a fairly weak material that will not withstand an explosion of climbing plants; the Minecraft Wiki rates dirt as having a hardness of 0.5, while Creeper’s explosions have a power of 3.

One of the newer materials to be added to Minecraft, Deepslate, has a base hardness of 3, while “worked” Deepslate, like Deepslate bricks, has a hardness of 3.5, sufficient to withstand an explosion. like this one. Plus, once you start digging deeper into the Overworld, Deepslate becomes quite plentiful.

Wood is a nice, common material that is quite durable with a hardness of 1.5, but it’s important to remember that it can catch fire. So if you are building near lava or want to put a lava bin in your house, making sure it is well insulated from any wood in your house, or you could see it all catch fire. .

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