Morbius Runtime Clocks in under 2 hours according to theater website


It appears that Morbius is opposed to the ever-growing trend for films to have screen time that far exceeds the two-hour mark.

Morbius Runtime Clocks in under 2 hours according to theater website

It seems that when Sony released the new Morbius movie next month, those who go to see it can expect a fairly compact runtime compared to other movies these days. If we believe the runtime of a recent listing for a chain of theaters, the film produced by Sony Pictures is going to arrive in just under two hours.

The often delayed Morbius the film finally arrives in January after keeping fans waiting for two more release dates that never came. The film will star Oscar winner Jared Leto as the “living vampire” who was once just a doctor desperate to cure a rare disease he had. In wanting to beat the disease, he freaked out for a special treatment that worked but had some pretty serious side effects. Assuming the new roster is correct, fans will be able to see this story unfold in a shorter amount of time than let’s say: Spider-Man: No Path Home which kept viewers in their seats for around three hours while adding previews and commercials before the film, as well as the post-credits scenes.


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The listing on the Cinemark Theaters website states that Morbius has a run time of one hour and 48 minutes. It’s about 45 minutes less than No way home. In fact, it’s at least half an hour shorter than any MCU. Spider Man films that have passed the two-hour mark.


While Morbius’s runtime is a bit shorter than MCU movies, it matches Sony-produced superhero movies. It’s actually a bit longer than Sony’s last photo that involved a Marvel character like Venom: let there be carnage had an official runtime of just one hour and 37 minutes.

Sure, Morbius is more of an origin story than Let there be carnage was, because audiences had been introduced to the character of Venom before. Marvel fans also know a little more about Venom than the Living Vampire since the former character has already appeared onscreen in the first one. Spider Man trilogy.

Although Cinemark was among the first to set an actual runtime for the film, it should be noted that the other films listed on the site appear to have specific lengths. This particular notation comes just before Morbius is officially in theaters and before Sony has confirmed the number.

Morbius hits theaters on January 28, 2022.

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Source: Cinemark


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