Recent Jackson graduate thanks school lunch servers

As we approach the end of summer and the return of students to school, I would like to reflect and share my thoughts on what the food situation will be like in the new school year. As a member of Jackson’s latest class, I would like to express my gratitude for the lovely Jackson lunch ladies. Every day they greeted me with smiles and generous helpings of top school cafeteria food. Even when the main menu items looked unhealthy, there was always an attractive clean option waiting.

However, as I count down the days to move-in day at Ohio State University, I can’t help but worry about the atmosphere of the dining halls and the friendliness of the personal. When I ate there at orientation I knew I was leaving the family atmosphere and safety net the Jackson lunch ladies had provided for me. Sure, the food at Ohio State was sensational, but when I eat breakfast there, I won’t be greeted with smiles, light-hearted conversation, and the stress-relieving effect the lunch ladies have on your daytime.

Guess I’m just nervous about the college lunch situation. The Jackson cafeteria provided such a spotless environment that I got used to. This is a thank you to the Jackson lunch ladies and the lunch ladies in general. Thanks for the nice service, and may we all have good luck this coming school year.

Avery Balcom, Jackson Township

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