Register for next month’s “Zixi Innovates” virtual showcase

Instead of the canceled NAB show, a two-week virtual showcase – “Zixi Innovates” – will be held virtually. This series of webinars and virtual meetings will feature customer case studies, demonstrations of partner integrations and new SDVP enhancements that enable broadcast quality live video streaming over IP.

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From Monday October 11 until October 22, Zixi Innovates will be designed to educate the public about SDVP, the most comprehensive platform for streaming live video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider, and any edge device. . New and existing customers will have the opportunity to schedule personalized meetings and demonstrations to learn how SDVP and its components can meet their complex live broadcast needs. The Zixi Innovates webinar series will allow attendees to learn directly from Zixi executives, integrated technology partners, and leading media companies that use SDVP to address workflow, network, and operational virtualization challenges.

As part of the showcase, Zixi will showcase new and existing SDVP capabilities, including:

  • Intelligent data platform
    • Uses of advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to mitigate risk in the delivery environment
    • Driven by the collection and analysis of unique historical and real-time data over a large Zixi-enabled network to provide alerting, analytics and predictive fault detection
    • Built with continually updated ML models, trained on all Zixi compatible network streams, and currently analyzing over 3 billion telemetry data points per day
    • Capabilities such as offline and dropped package predictions, component health scores, anomaly detection, deployment-wide information views, and in-depth analytics
  • ZEN master and diffuser v15
    • IDP integration with ZEN Master
    • ZEN Master Integration for AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI), AWS Elemental Link
    • Analysis and incident report
    • Advanced root cause analysis and reporting
    • Marking of customer alerts and threshold control panel
    • Quality analyzes such as ML-based PSNR and VMAF estimates without watching the source video
    • Visualization and history of Network Analytics Transport Analytics (TR 101)
    • Content quality analysis visualization and history, such as blank / frozen video and audio issues
    • Business Impact Analytics visualization and history spanning SCTE monitoring and logging from source to endpoint workflow
    • Advanced Boolean Logic Failover Based on TR-101 / CQA Health Metrics
    • ARM support for over 50% efficiency and durability gains
  • Zixi as a service (ZaaS)
    • Zixi SDVP full SaaS offer
  • Zixi Content Xchange
    • Access to more than 10,000 channels worldwide
    • Full door-to-door SaaS delivery
  • Zixi and 5G
    • Continuity of the IP network from source to target
    • Optimized signal integrity
    • Redundancy – QoS
    • Atomic level data and telemetry
    • AI-determined health score
    • Integrated with Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC)
  • Zixi periphery calculation (ZEC)
    • ZEN master controlled
    • Availability of the 17 protocols supported by Zixi
    • Upgrade to ZEC + and to a full Zixi diffuser

Zixi Innovates will present unique opportunities to learn from Zixi leadership and high value SDVP users, including:

  • One-on-One Meetings with Customers and Partners – Zixi will organize one-on-one sessions with current and potential Zixi customers and partners. Those wishing to reserve a time are also encouraged to contact Zixi to schedule a virtual meeting to view the latest software-defined video platform updates and enhancements, using this form to request a meeting date and time.
  • State of the Media Industry – Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Editor-in-Chief of Streaming Media, and Gordon Brooks, CEO of Zixi, will discuss current market trends, continued impact of COVID on the industry, cases of advanced usage being deployed, the importance of the new partnerships the company has established and what innovation to expect from Zixi innovation in 2022 and beyond.
  • Live SSAI with Ad Insertion Platform and Zixi – Ad Insertion Platform has integrated Zixi SDVP so customers can ingest distribution streams, control SCTE-35 markers and take advantage of Zixi live transcoding for OTT distribution to HLS or MPEG -DASH, easily allowing the insertion of ads and monetization of these feeds. In this session, learn more about the innovative and market-leading Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solution of the DAIConnect ad insertion platform dedicated to Live TV, Events live and on VOD – enabling ad assembly and monetization on any video platform, and with a demo, how the combination of DAIConnect with SDVP allows customers to have a subscription model OPEX which includes additional OTT services to meet the needs of broadcasters and operators.
  • Zixi Intelligent Data Platform – Senior Director of Product Management Andrew Broadstone will provide insight into the need for AI and ML and advanced technologies in designing streaming architectures that optimize transport and service quality to deliver the quality of content and experience that modern consumers demand. The session will detail the capabilities of the IDP and Zixi’s vision for the future, including an interactive demonstration showing an innovative advanced incident dashboard, root cause analysis, and a comprehensive view of information with benchmarking.

“Despite the continued impact of COVID on the industry and our inability to travel and meet in person, Zixi enjoyed a record high in 2021, in large part thanks to partnerships with our customers and technology partners,” said Gordon Brooks, Executive Chairman and CEO, Zixi. “Our customers and partners guide us in our vision, and we remain committed to innovating in live video delivery technologies and providing the best service they and their end users demand. “

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