Senate candidate celebrates sick, maskless restaurant worker in tweet

Tory Ohio Senate candidate successfully suspended restaurant worker and restaurant bombed exam following a tweet intended to support a sick person coming to work, albeit without a mask and inside.

The tweet came on Friday from Josh Mandel, whose campaign site declares him “pro-God, pro-gun and pro-Trump”. Posing with an employee of Inside the Five restaurant, a brewery in Perrysburg, Ohio, he wrote, “Inside The Five is a cool brewery founded by two NFL veterans. Great food and lively waitresses! Even though Brianne was sick today, she came to work because she knew they were short waiters. These are the kind of American workers who make our country strong. ”

The photo of the sick worker without a mask met with a fair amount of reaction on social media from people who thought the tweet was deaf, given the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and hospitals being overwhelmed with patients. mostly unvaccinated.

A representative response tweet said, “You are literally bragging about forcing a sick worker to work. It is extremely abusive and unsanitary, an act of violence against your workers, your customers and the community at large.

Another Twitter user offered context, noting, “I don’t know if you know this, but we are currently experiencing a pandemic.”

Another tried a bit of humor with a time machine, noting: “We were out of cooking, but we could always count on old Typhoid Mary to make it on time!” – you in 1909.

As the Toledo blade reported, “The Tweet sparked a storm of criticism on Mr. Mandel’s Twitter feed, with respondents noting the public health danger posed by sick restaurant workers, especially with the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic. At least one called the Wood County Health Department to investigate. ”

WTOL-TV contacted the brewery for comment. A representative replied, “It’s so disappointing. Last week we messaged our staff saying they should report any symptoms, big or small, to a manager, and not come to work. And no one should just assume it’s allergies or a cold. Although our server’s intentions were good, it was not the right decision and it will be taken into account. Yes, we are understaffed, but we would close our doors before we put anyone in danger. The employee has since been discharged home.

The spokesperson went on to tell the station, “They say the employee has been advised that she has to take a COVID test before she can return to work.”

The brewery, which seems to have removed both its Twitter and Facebook accounts following the controversy, Mandel’s tweet commented before sinking. As the Blade reported, the brewpub posted a Facebook post that read, “Contrary to views expressed yesterday on social media, the health and well-being of our employees and customers is our top priority. It is our policy for employees to notify management of any symptoms prior to their shift and not to report for duty. We follow all state and county guidelines. Through it all, we will continue to take care of our staff and provide a safe environment for our customers. “

However, later on Friday, as the heat began to heat up, Mandel doubled down on the tweet. “Hey @InsideTheFive,” he chided, “instead of giving in to the waking crowd why not get your employee’s back and give them a raise.

“While so many people are paid to stay home and do nothing,” he continued, “Brianne built up muscles feeling uncomfortable and came to WORK.”

As journalist Tyler Buchanan rated: “Following Mandel’s tweet,

  • The worker was sent home
  • The brewery deleted its Twitter account
  • The company received a lot of bad attention / press and had to do damage control
  • Mandel has since ransacked the company on several occasions ”,

He then added, following this list, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Mandel, who is targeting the seat vacated by Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), is no stranger to the controversy. In May, the Columbus Expedition reported that there has been an exodus of fundraisers from his campaign; this story also noted, Mandel vowed to “never go down on one knee in culture wars,” declaring Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio) a traitor after Gonzalez voted to impeach Trump, attacking Gov. Mike DeWine and his former director of health, Dr Amy Acton, and even attacked famous children’s author Dr. Seuss in March “after the author’s estate chose to stop printing some of his works. who used racial and ethnic stereotypes, which sparked a brief controversy among conservatives furious over the culture’s cancellation. ”

The Mail also reported in June that two of the three fundraisers who left Mandel’s campaign did so due to a “toxic work environment” blamed on Rachel Wilson, the campaign’s finance director, who was also reportedly stepping out with Mandel.

“Wilson insulted his subordinates, often demanded 12-hour workdays, berated them in front of others and cursed them,” the report said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Inside the Five and the Mandel Campaign for comment.

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* First published: Aug 22, 2021, 12:07 p.m. CDT

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