The promising Galaxy Invaders NFT project gears up for its next launch

Just a few years ago, the Metaverse was considered a sci-fi object. However, due to rapid advancements in technology, virtual spaces have become a reality. This gave birth to the era of crypto and non-fungible tokens such as Galaxy Invaders.

This exciting new project is based on the story of the Galaxy Invaders Gang, an advanced civilization on the brink of extinction. These cute but deadly aliens are now forced to travel through the multiverse in search of other galaxies they can plunder for resources.

However, apart from its intricate and captivating tradition, what sets the NFT collection apart are its unique designs, which are inspired by the elite members of the Galaxy Invaders Gang. Its 2D aliens are fully animated, including other elements like backgrounds, unlike other projects on the market, which feature designs that don’t budge.

Each Galaxy Invaders token comes with a unique set of valuable items, gear, and tech that can aid them in their quest to invade. There are a total of 120 different items that will be equipped in random combinations. The collection is made up of 10,000 distinct works of art, developed with Rust on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Galaxy Invaders token comes with a unique set of valuable items, gear, and tech that can aid them in their quest to invade.

In addition to its fresh ideas and excellent illustrations, the developers of the remarkable company are committed to creating a utility token that offers multiple benefits and uses to its holders, as shown on its remarkable roadmap.

The pipeline includes exciting developments divided into four phases and a pre-launch campaign. Prior to release, project founders Outfoxed and Cannaesita will conduct an AMA or Ask-Me-Anything to answer people’s questions regarding the collection.

Other updates include the presentation on, a website dedicated to ranking generative art and collectible NFTs by rarity. The company also plans to collaborate with other famous NFT projects along the way. Finally, of course, the creators are also keen to give back to the community and will be working on partnerships with charities.

But perhaps his most important goal is to develop and create his subsequent projects – Invader Gang Armada and Invader Gang Immigration, both of which will be available to Galaxy Invader token holders.

In addition to NFT enthusiasts and crypto fans, the Galaxy Invaders team plans to welcome people from all walks of life to their community. They even shared, “Our project is meant to appeal to all ages and people of different backgrounds, as we want to build a strong community where people build lifelong friendships with a common interest in the NFT community.”

Due to its innovative concept and execution, Galaxy Invaders is shaping up to be a highly coveted NFT collection that will propel the industry to greater heights. Interested parties and investors should be on the lookout for the collection launch on November 29.

Find out more about Galaxy Invaders by visiting its official site and Twitter. You can also participate in the community discussion through its Discord server.

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