Washoe County website and email address will move to the .gov domain

The Washoe County website and email addresses will soon have a .gov domain, which will enhance the county’s cybersecurity and online credibility.

Washoe County will move from washoecounty.us to washoecounty.gov starting Monday, September 20. The transition will be transparent to the public, as all old web pages will be redirected to the new .gov domain. All Washoe County email addresses ending in .us will continue to function, and Washoe County will conduct outreach to residents and stakeholders to update address books and contact lists. .

When residents see an email or website from washoecounty.gov, they should know that it is legitimate and secure and represents their county government.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is a federal agency that sponsors the .gov domain and grants it only to government entities based in the United States. Government sites go through rigorous control and security protocols before being assigned a .gov domain.

Sites with a .gov domain name cannot be used by commercial or political organizations. They also cannot be used for malicious cyber activity, and because they cannot be purchased and are not issued on a first come, first served basis, they are considered to be the most secure and most secure domains. reliable.

The Washoe County website is a robust government site with thousands of pages. It served nearly 2.5 million unique users and 11.8 million pageviews in the past year alone. From Animal Services to the Registrar of Electors and every county department in between, the website is a powerful resource for residents and an essential service to the community.

Learn more about .gov domains here. Visit www.washoecounty.gov to learn more about Washoe County and its 24 departments that serve nearly half a million people in Washoe County.

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